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BACK in business

Hello again,

well as you might have gathered from the titel.. the hiatus is over. I'm back and I intend on spending the whole weekend on making banners. I'm so sorry to have you guys waiting for your commissions that long. I'm really ashamed of myself. Anyhowzerz life is easier now and I'll try to make up for all the lost chlollie time.

love Morry
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Hey there!

Some of you might have already noticed it, I'm on a hiatus. Dunno when I'll be able to make it back, but I'll let you know as soon as possible.

The guys who commissioned me: I'll try to make your banners as soon as possible too.

Real life sucks, if it's getting in the way of my virtual life. XD

Cheers and Love

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Officially SORRY!! (art requests related)

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry for the delay in most of the commissions... my PC kinda screwed up and I had to reset the whole thing... I should be able to gear up again this weekend.
So all those who haven't gotten their commissions yet, bear with me, will ya?

Love Morry
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! Staying with my family, it's the first Christmas in our new house! Really excited about that, but i gotta go back to doing chorse. Again, hope you'll enjoy the holidays.

hugs and kisses
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Done with most of the Christmas preperations. Decorated the whole appartment and wrapped all the presents, except for one. (hate to admit it, but still am missing one gift!)
Chlollieday cards will be shipped out tomorrow and hopefully they'll arrive in time!

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X-mas cards anyone?

Hey there!

Since some people already started the thing I decided to hop onto the bandwagon. Anyone who wants a X-mas cards from me leave a comment or pm me with your address. XD
It's a cute idea and IMO makes the holiday wishes more personal.

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After the cut...

Here I am back with a new hair cut and, surprisingly, it wasn't as traumatic as i had thought it would be. The hair dresser was so nice and stunned to no ends that I would actually cut the hair. She seriously doubted my courage, but when I sat in her chair and she cut it off in one swift motion the hard part was over. I cried a little on the inside and went paler than a corpse, but i survived... obviously!
Anyway I like my new hairdo, it could be worse I guess. 

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