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Miss Morrygan's Jotter

loquacious since 1986

20 November
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It’s never too early for nachos and it’s never too late for hard hitting journalism...
Who I am
I'm a 23 year old and living in Vienna, Austria for about 4 years now.
I'm working at a Script Consultant Agency/Publishing Company at the Story Department.
Writing is my greatest passion.
Currently I'm busy working on some comic projects with my partner in crime, the greatly admired artist EmeraldStarr.
Well that's pretty much everything I'm willing to give out about me freely.
If you have any questions about me, our projects, or whatever other subject that may cross your mind... feel free to ask.
What I like
Writing - Coffee - Rainy and preferably foggy days - Reading - Chlollie - Smallville - Getting up late - Cooking - A.C. Doyle - Oscar Wilde - Lex Luthor in his evil-mastermind-awesomness-mode - DC Comics - My pets
What I don't like
Strawberries in every form - Sunny and hot days - Console Games - Tight-lipped people - Fan-Wars - The smell of burned meat.